lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) appreciated that project sizes do not determine the relative project complexity. For that reason we have created two specialist divisions to deliver your refurbishment and fit-out projects.

lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Care – Working in live environments.

Sub-heading – We understand how to manage projects where residents and staff remain in occupation

We understand how to manage projects where residents and staff remain in occupation

lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Care has three decades’ experience in this sector, offering reliable budgets, scheduling accuracy, and consistently high standards.

Communication is key to working in live environments. On all our projects, we have meetings with the client and project stakeholders on a regular basis to provide detailed information about upcoming construction activities to address any concerns.

The majority of our aged care and retirement living experience involves refurbishment or upgrade work of communities, meaning we are well accustomed to working in live environments around healthcare professionals, consumers and their families.

Over the last decade, we have completed in excess of 20 projects in live aged care environments, always taking care to understand the operational requirements of the environments we are working in.  Through regular stakeholder liaison meetings before, during and after the construction programme, we have established processes, procedures and management systems tailored towards a proactive ‘zero accidents and incidents’ approach minimising disruption to operational services.

Our construction teams engage with a client at the start of a project, and we establish protocols to ensure all stakeholders ‘buy in’ to these processes. We establish a detailed communications plan in conjunction with the provider and involve them during construction, with regular site tours. These site tours can often include consumers and their families. Where necessary, we provide training in the use of new equipment prior to project completion. At our handover workshops we encourage familiarisation visits for all building users and appoint an aftercare manager as support.

Nobody cares more about delivering outstanding project management, new works, refurbishment, upgrades and maintenance across the entire range of aged care settings, from independent living units to full care nursing facilities.

We Understand Aged Care

Aged Care Standard 5 – The Organisations Service Environment

While we recognise that Standard 5 does not replace work, health and safety laws, or requirements under building legislation there is an alignment. At TOTAL our Aged Care teams understand each of the requirements (listed below) and how the work we do plays a part in ensuring providers meet their obligations.


5 (3) The organisation demonstrates the following:

5 (3) (a) The service environment is welcoming and easy to understand and optimises each consumer’s sense of belonging, independence, interaction and function.

5 (3) (b) The service environment:

(i) is safe, clean, well maintained and comfortable; and

(ii) enables consumers to move freely, both indoors and outdoors.

5 (3) (c) Furniture, fittings and equipment are safe, clean, well maintained and suitable for the consumer.




Commercial Refurbishments – lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Special Projects

The focus of lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Special Projects is to deliver quality construction projects in the commercial refurbishment and fit-out sector with professionalism and commitment to our clients whether they are building owners or occupiers.

lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Special Projects has evolved through the identification of a niche service for our existing and new clients on an ongoing basis with maintenance projects and bespoke works often within live and operational sites. Our teams are attentive to the additional safety and communication needs in high demand and technical projects like these. In essence, lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Special Projects division will build what others can’t. Like servicing your car, lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) can help plan maintenance and refurbishment schedules for your valuable building asset to ensure that you get maximum overall value for the life time of your building.


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