Project Specifications


$4.3 Million

Waratah, New South Wales

January 2023

lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Care was engaged to provide a significant upgrade to this substantial care home, all works being performed in fully operative live environment.
The 13 individual cottages required progressive modernisation and upgrade which included lining and/or Sheeting of existing internal brickwork, Refurbishment of ensuites, replacement of curtains to common areas, full replacement of floor coverings throughout including carpet and vinyl floors, and the complete refurbishment of existing serveries to 5 of the homes, Partial refurbishment to 5 Serveries and completed with an internal repaint throughout. During the project the decision was taken to completely refurbish 74 of the Existing Ensuites to complement previously refurbished Ensuites to which lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Care developed the Finishes Schedule.

lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) Care understood the severity and risk associated with the covid pandemic. Working closely with the local management teams, We reviewed and responded to the delivery plans on a Daily and Weekly basis, reviewing of the methodology, COVID-19 screening process, isolation and working around resident activities and staff movements on a constant basis. The COVID Pandemic also presented challenges for the supply chain of material which sometimes required sourcing material replacement options.

As the initial brief was being developed as the project progressed, lol英雄联盟积分新版v3.5(lol英雄联盟季节今日可靠) developed and maintained detailed area by area checklists which kept track of instructions, covid no-go zones, changing material choices etc. These assisted all stakeholders to always stay on top of the evolving brief.

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